Hi, how are ya? I’m Ella and I’m a seventeen-year-old senior in high school from Virginia.

Welcome to my brain!

I started documenting my journey to finding health and balance and recovery from an eating disorder on my Instagram account, @balancebyelle, where I received an immense amount of love and support as a passive observer of the wellness community. Soon, my desire for the sense of community that Instagram offers blossomed into a desire to share my own experiences on the path to recovery.

My space on the web is still a definite work in progress; however, I have already learned so much about showing love to our bodies through proper nutrition and an active lifestyle. Using exercise and food as a way to punish myself transformed into a passion for exploring the magical world of my taste buds and pushing myself to become both physically and mentally stronger.

Along the lines of my passion for health and wellness, here is what I preach: BALANCE, all the way. They don’t call me @balancebyelle for nothing, ya know? I’m working on finding the balance between eating healthy foods and treating myself, pushing myself in the gym and letting my body rest when necessary, working hard in school and binge-watching Netflix, and learning from every step of this beautiful journey called life.

I hope you will accompany me on this wild ride. I hope you will follow me along from the dance studio to the aisles of Whole Foods to the rare early morning gym sesh (your girl is not an early bird in the slightest). I hope you will follow me through every success, no matter how small, and every struggle, because you can always count on me to tell it to you straight. I am so glad you’re here!

xx, Ella