You know those days when you just feel bleh and you don’t know why? Those bad days that just refuse to turn around? Yeah, I have them too. Everyone has bad days sometimes and THAT IS OKAY. Not every day has to be perfect, but know that you have the power to turn it around and boost your own mood.

I used to have a different mindset. Whenever I would struggle or just feel off, even if only for a moment, I would tell myself, “Today was bad, tomorrow will be better.”

There isn’t really anything wrong with this way of thinking. But it’s also important to realize that one bad moment doesn’t have to define the entire day.

I wanted to share a list of self care activities that always make me feel better in case anyone else in feeling a little “meh.” I hope you find this helpful!

  1. Shower: the first thing I always do is take a hot shower. That post-shower feeling is always a mood-booster. Sometimes I’ll do a hair mask in the shower or use a sugar scrub, whatever I’m feeling.
  2. Face Mask: the state of my skin affects my mood a lot. After a tough day, my skin will sometimes feel tired, dried out, or greasy so washing my face, doing a mask (my favorite is this one), and moisturizing always helps.
  3. Hydrate: drinking a lot of water always helps me with brain fog and the way I feel physically. I try to drink at least 16 oz. of water as part of my self-care routine because when I have a bad day I sometimes forget to hydrate.
  4. Movement: moving my body often helps relieve anxiety and clear my mind. Sometimes I’m feeling a more intense strength workout, but most times I’m just craving some deep stretching. I like to just listen to my body and stretch out my muscles, sometimes with music on. It’s so relaxing.
  5. Tidy Up: I believe that a clean space = a more clear mind so I always straighten up my room when I’m feeling off.
  6. Get Outside: fresh air does wonders for your brain. Take a walk, play with your pet, or just step outside to take a few deep breaths. It will help!
  7. Reading/TV: reading often helps me relax and distract myself from anxiety. However, sometimes I’m too to even sit down and read so a good Netflix show is more fitting. TV isn’t my first choice for self-care to help with a bad day but I can’t deny that getting into bed post-shower to watch a movie or my favorite show is one of the best feelings.
  8. Pets: if you have pets, go pet them or give them a hug. I promise you won’t regret it!
  9. Nails: painting my nails makes me feel surprisingly put together. I’m not the most talented manicurist I try my best and always find it boosts my mood.
  10. Cooking/Baking: food can be a good source of comfort after a bad day. I know eating for comfort is often demonized in the media, but it isn’t a bad thing. We can turn to food for comfort as long as we know it isn’t the only source of it. For me, the act of baking is more relaxing to me than actually eating comfort food, but it doesn’t hurt that I usually end up with a delicious treat 🙂

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